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Supporting our clients with stable workforce and manpower, VSMAS supplies foreign workers from more than 7 countries such as Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar and so on according to both government law, authorities and legal guideline and also our clients’ demand and needs. We have specialized exclusively in foreign workers recruitment since year 2004 and we cover all official source countries found within FWCMS System. We deliver an objective and focus on providing services and correct information which able us to get a great impression.

With the help of a large team of experienced staffs, we offer high quality foreign workers solutions. We are committed to excellence and make your success as our priority.



VSMAS provides full package management services to our customer by the way we will fully manage your foreign worker such as their hostel management, transportation, pay roll, medical check-up and any other related enquiries. We will allocate your workers by the nearest dormitory/hostels and at the same time arrange well their transportation and ensure they report to work punctually every day to avoid any delay of your production.

Moreover, we also provide the service separately depends on our customer needed. We have built a solid team and reputation for our quality manpower services. We also work closely with our clients to ensure clients’ requirements are met accurately.



One of our member Agensi Pekerjaan VSMAS Sdn Bhd is a recruitment consultant who provides staffing solutions for companies ranging from SMEs to major corporations.

Our recruitment services cover Johor Bahru area; we specialize in recruiting for office management and production vacancies such as Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Accounting, Administration, Customers Services and so on.

We aim to provide qualified applicants to adapt the working environment and culture in the companies. Integrity is our key element in implementing our recruitment consultant services; we will not forward any CV outside our company.



As a one stop solution services provider, we assist our clients who need to hire expatriates from Philippines, India, China, Singapore and Indonesia. Successfully provide assistance to our clients and offer them a job opportunity. Jobs transform lives, which is why VSMAS are building the best recruitment industry in the world. We are on our way to make businesses more successful by helping our clients to secure the professionals they need.  We are passionate and committed in this pursuit for recruiters and applicants.

Our experience and solutions are the most effective key elements. We pursue to lead the way in assisting better expatriates’ recruitment which able to help drive business growth and prosperity



We offer a complete one-stop related labour services such as Fomema Arrangement, Permit Renewal (forth – eleventh year), air ticketing services and so on for foreign workers/personal which bringing you conveniences, cheaper air ticket which supported by our state of the art systems.

What is continue - because we are services agent, officially we provide you not only conveniences but also value of our services rather than the exorbitant prices charged by the other agencies. Every call is answered by our colleague and our customer service department to help you with any queries related to our services.